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The evidence shows that the main moral and economic claims that justify the global market are very big lies that get bigger and bigger. The tirelessly proclaimed doctrine that the global market brings “more wealth for all” when, in fact, irreproachable trade evidence shows the opposite reality on the ground and around the world. because it is undeniable that the poor have lost almost half of their share of the world's wealth, while the richest have multiplied theirs at the same time. Indeed, global competition means that the livelihoods and security of the majority continue to decline as the environment is plundered and polluted at ever-increasing scales of predation.

The land must be regenerated in a symbiosis between agriculture and livestock. We cannot allow cross-pollination where pollen from new varieties can reach natural plants and modify their genetics. In addition to cross-pollination during cultivation, there are many other stages of the food chain where contamination by GMO organisms can occur, from grain transportation and storage to processing stages. Industrial agriculture is degenerating agricultural land. For example, residue from Bt corn plants after turning the soil after harvest inhibits their ability to breathe (produce carbon dioxide), also reduces mycorrhizal colonization, and seriously alters bacterial populations within the soil ecosystem.

This soil function is vitally important to regulate plant growth and vitality and increase the availability of minerals and nutrients. Regenerative agriculture is a real incentive for the goal of a truly holistic “regenerative organic” agriculture without the consumption of chemicals, which must adopt a more holistic approach that also encompasses the well-being of farmers and animals, in a process to which it contributed Rodale. Steiner, Holmgren etc., pioneers of the organic regeneration movement.

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