Aspirin blocks your healing prostaglandins, which stifles your bodies ability to heal itself. The related research won a Nobel prize in the early 1990's.

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As Dr. Mercola advises healthy changes in lifestyle are the best and most effective way to prevent a first heart attack or a stroke. Researchers in London reported that they had analyzed nine random studies of the use of aspirin in the United States, Europe and Japan, which included more than 100,000 participants. The study subjects had never suffered a heart attack or embolisms; Everyone regularly took aspirin or a placebo to determine if she benefits people who do not suffer from established heart disease.

In the combined analysis, the researchers found that regular aspirin users had 10 percent less possibilities than others to present some type of cardiac episode, and 20 percent less likely to suffer from a non -fatal heart attack.

Aspirin users presented about 30 percent more likely to suffer a severe gastrointestinal bleeding episode, a side effect of frequent use of aspirin. Doctors and patients should make carefully thought decisions regarding long -term treatment with aspirin, ”explained Dr. Sreenivasa Seshasai of the Cardiovascular Science Research Center in St. George of the University of London.

"The decision to treat those people with aspirin individually should be made, taking into account the probable risk of heart attack or embolism in the future", "however, given that the risk of important bleeding episodes increase proportionally to the increase In the benefits, doctors and patients should make carefully thought decisions regarding long -term treatment with aspirin, ”explained Dr. Sreenivasa Seshasai of the Cardiovascular Science Research Center in St. George of the University of London. Together, for every 162 people who took aspirin, this prevented a non -fatal heart attack, but caused about two episodes of severe bleeding.

The combination of aspirin with some medications can cause serious complications. Like aspirin, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory medications or NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen (advil) and naproxen (Aleve), dilute blood and reduce coagulation. Together, the two can increase the risk of internal bleeding. In addition, taking a NSAID before taking your aspirin can minimize the desired effects for the prevention of a heart attack or a stroke

https://www.henryford.com/blog/2022/02/daily-aspirin-therapy-benefits-risks (2022)


With good pillars you can get a good therapy for health. Medicinal plants are well defined by the indigenous peoples of each part of the world. Willow exhibits anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, antipyretic, antidote, antigesic and antiseptic properties. In Table 1 the chronological investigations of the willow for the establishment of the development of aspirin.

The willow tree is a symbolic medicinal plant that has been associated with the discovery of aspirin, chemically known as acetylsalicylic acid, or salicylate, which still offers surprises as a drug revival. The philosophical perspective of the significance of the willow tree has been elaborated since the Assyrians (4000 BC) and Sumerians (3500 BC), who were aware of its medicinal merits. In 1838, the main pharmacologically active ingredient of willow, the salicin structure was elucidated by hydrolysis to comprise D-glucose and salicyl alcohol. These uncovered new perspectives, which eventually lead to the discovery of aspirin.


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Thank you for a detailed article. The charge that aspirin is being deprecated to encourage the use of more expensive drugs for the same purpose is a perfectly valid suspicion and a perennial one. I invite readers to peruse my Stack, which has several articles on how ineffective many interventions are. One of those includes aspirin therapy. None of my findings are original. In fact, the aspirin essay relies on a meta-analysis from just before 2014, when Mercola says the discrediting campaign began. One should always suspect the profit motive for what is promoted and what is demoted. I personally was placed on baby aspirin, as well as a statin and a blood pressure drug, not (fortunately) because of prior history of disease, rather for hitting arbitrary and ever-tighter thresholds for treatment (e.g. blood pressure, lipid score or age). Now it is technically true that these drugs really do provide some protective effect against heart attack and stroke, the actual benefit is very tiny. In fact, the overall death rate barely budges. In fairness, the benefits are somewhat better for those who had a history of disease (secondary prevention.) But for primary prevention? I dropped all these treatments, and any future doctor's recommendations will be greeted with skepticism and (if possible) my own research.

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I am almost 71 years old. I wonder about all this tests. I would like to see what the probability is of having problems. They are good at warning as do all tests. As an extreme example is one on Michocrondie all the ways it can be affected. What is the probability of having problems. I have taken Aspirin my whole life and not the low dose. It seems you have passed over the very important factor. For me it is the best pain reliever of body aches and pains and for headaches. I have updated to Back and Body aspirin which allow these old bones to get up and down. I only take a dosage when I have to which is early in the morning or going to bed at night. I have also seen a decreas in my Blodd Pressure, especially when I take 3 grams of Omeg-3s along with the Aspirin.

Sounds like the way of the current world without regard to common sense. As an example the internet is starting to rise to sanitizing dirt for gardening and even just using potting soil. And manure is out. What a lot of dribble.

I say give us the evidence and let we the people decide what risks to take. Get the government out of my "bedroom", my house and my life. So far I have done better than what the doctors and government say. I am the father of 6 children who are grown and very healthy and I have had over the years many different doctors (I had many different doctor because I retired from the military and moved a lot) tell me I had to do certain things for my children and we found their advice was useless or dangerous.

I know this article focused on a very narrow subject, but the additional benefits need to be brought out. So far I have found no other NSAID that did as many things as well as Aspirin. Each NSAID had there own problems. Tell me why is Tylonel (acetaminophen) being used. One could generate a case for it being very dangerous. It is know to hurt livers if too much is taken. The problem is that acetaminophen is every where. Few over the counter medicines do not use acetaminophen which is a great risk for taking too much acetaminophen.

In conclusion Aspirin is being discredited over and above what its "Probable" risks are. I am sure not many will like my post, but this comes from an actual user of aspirin. Not some theoretical basis. I am not dingbat. I am a retired level 5 engineer from Lockheed Martin. I add this to maybe give some credibilty to my thoughts and I am not some crazy person.

Have a good day

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