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instead of purifying the blood with clean spring water as our ancestors drank, we are drinking real poison, due to industrial pollution, industrial agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry. The excessive consumption of clothing, as reported by Dr. Mercola, is a great source of pollution. Industrial agriculture Phosphate compounds found in wastewater or discharged directly into surface waters come from fertilizers removed from the soil by water or wind, human and animal excretions, and detergents and cleaning products. Increased algae growth, which in the worst case can lead to eutrophication of surface waters, is a consequence of high phosphate concentrations.

When these algae die, the decomposition processes result in toxins that demand oxygen from the surrounding environment and harm the aquatic ecosystem. A report by Dr. Mercola “Water Treatment Contaminants: Toxic Waste in Drinking Water” was sparked by concerns about water contamination in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, which spilled tens of millions of gallons of sewage into roads rivers along the east coast. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2013/08/joseph-mercola/is-your-tap-water-killing-you/

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