Love this interview....thank you Doctor Mercola - you are so appreciated

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I am so happy to see this turn towards self healthcare.

Americans have been brainwashed for too long.

Great health is a God given gift and ours to cultivate and nurture or not.

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“IF YOU FEEL JOY, YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK.” Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize-winning physician and philosopher, said that “happiness is also good health and bad memory.” A poor memory can be useful for forgetting past disappointments and maintaining a healthy optimism, but nothing affects our moment-to-moment satisfaction as much as the condition of our body. A common cold is as sad as it is painful and uncomfortable. Schweitzer also famously said, "Every patient has their own doctor inside." You couldn't have been more right about the way our bodies are designed to heal themselves and how they work to keep us functioning in peak condition even on the tiniest level. Arguably, no one works harder to keep us healthy (and therefore happy) than our mitochondria.

Our mitochondria keep our neurons active, our muscles flexed, and our hearts beating. In short, they keep us alive. Even if you don't feel it, these microscopic powerhouses are constantly producing the cellular energy we need to function at the most basic level.

1) Increase energy levels

2) Keep blood sugar levels under control.

3) Using NAD to increase cellular energy to support healthy mitochondrial function and overall health as we age.

We have many “doctors” in our lives who help our mitochondria and who can give us joy and health: ---

1) Doctor nature, sun, air and pure water----

2) Doctor healthy nutrition and fasting----

3) Doctor Physical Activity with rest and good posture---

4) Doctor Mind supported by joy----

The feeling of joy comes from the activity of the nervous system, specifically our neurotransmitters. These transmitters transport chemicals throughout our bodies, including the feel-good chemicals mentioned in the previous paragraph, also known as “joy” chemicals.

When you have a large amount of these chemicals in your system, your physical health improves. Better sleep, better digestion, weight loss, and a stronger immune system are some of the benefits of a happy mood. When you feel happy, your circulatory system may respond by flushing your cheeks, raising your body temperature, it is the face of happiness.

The reaction in your autonomic nervous system can even affect your organs, since it controls your body's smooth muscles (which your organs are lined with). Your digestive tract may feel the effects of a happy mood, which can cause an increase or decrease in appetite. You may also notice that you are digesting food faster than normal, another unique effect of the autonomic nervous system.

Laughter may also have some immediate benefits for overall health. When you laugh out loud, you instantly calm your cardiovascular system and release endorphins into your nervous system. If you're the knee-slapping type, the movements you make during a laughing fit also produce feelings of calm and reduce stress. Laughter increases heart rate, which sends blood and oxygen to the brain, creating a feeling of clarity and calm. Even the simple act of smiling tells the body that it's okay to relax. Faking a smile is enough as far as your nervous system is concerned.

Finding things that make you happy is one way to keep those happy chemicals in your body. You could try spending more time with your loved ones, choose a hobby you enjoy, learn new things, read a great book, watch a comedy, or even pet a dog. Choosing an activity and focusing on it is a great way to help your brain relax and let go of stress and anxious thoughts, even if just for a while. In addition to projecting joy and happiness.

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