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Several sleep disorders, restless legs syndrome, obesity/overweight, are associated with migraine with a pro-inflammatory state, alterations in the homeostasis of the adipocytokine-leptin system, hyperinsulinemics, modification of energy metabolism and mitochondrial oxidative stress.

Dietary triggers (such as chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, nitrites, aspartame and gluten) may contribute to the onset of migraine episodes in children and adults, showing an impact on energy homeostasis, modulation of the release of neuropeptides, neuroreceptors, nitric oxide release, vasodilation and vasoconstriction

Linking with Dr. Mercola fish oil, ginger, CBD, magnesium, probiotics, riboflavin, melatonin, alpha lipoic acid, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10 are the most commonly applied nutraceuticals for the treatment of migraine. These substances participate in various vascular and neuronal mechanisms, including neuroinflammatory blockade, mitochondrial oxidative stress, calcium channel blockade, serotonin receptor activity, effects on CGRP synthesis, and glutamate receptor blockade. . A study concluded that omega-3 fatty acids and a diet low in linoleic acid could be the solution to controlling migraines

It is well established that the gut-brain axis is involved in many neurological diseases and probiotic supplementation may be an interesting treatment option for migraines. In a meta-analysis, high-dose EPA/DHA supplementation can be considered a first-line treatment for migraine.

Melatonin mechanisms are related to headache pathophysiology in many ways, including its anti-inflammatory effect, nitric oxide synthase activity and inhibition of dopamine release, GABA membrane stabilization, protection against neurotoxicity. , neurovascular regulation and serotonin modulation.

Considering that migraine in a biopsychosocial context is influenced by biological, cognitive, emotional and environmental factors, psychological treatment, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, should be considered.

Psychotherapy and biobehavioral treatments have been shown to play a key role in the treatment of migraine and primary headache.

Mindfulness is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the present, on bodily sensations, thinking and emotions, including pain, by fostering a perspective of openness, interest and recognition that improves the decision-making process and self-efficacy. Long-term practice also showed increased telomerase activity and downregulation of inflammatory response genes

Aerobic training is essential in the prevention and treatment of many diseases and the right intensity can be helpful for migraines, while yoga is an excellent lower intensity option.

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