They are also spraying hydrogels similar in makeup to the mRNA injectables. Hydrogels are synthetic parasites that self assemble into nanobots, nanotubes and bioantennas for human/internet connectivity. The side effects from these sprays produced Morgellon's disease. See Clifford Carnicom's work.

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The US CIA is financing a study on geoengineering (climate manipulation) that will last 21 months, with an initial cost of 630 thousand dollars. It is executed by the National Academy of Sciences, with the participation of NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of that country.

The CIA's interest in the climate is not new, but this participation is significant, due to the warlike implications of the possibility of manipulating the climate and the pressure that proponents of geoengineering are exerting in that country to advance in experimentation of these techniques, despite there being a moratorium in the United Nations against their application.

The project will analyze different geoengineering proposals, such as solar radiation management and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; They will also study the effects of cloud seeding and other ways of manipulating the weather to cause rain, droughts or control hurricanes.

Climate control is a long-standing military project in that country, which carried out experiments already during the Vietnam War, causing rain for months at a time to flood the crops and roads of the Vietnamese. In the same sense, the US Air Force published a document in 1996 entitled Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025, whose title clearly reflects its intentions.

https://www.globalresearch.ca/la-cia-y-el-control-del-clima/5344437https://www.globalresearch.ca/la-cia-y-el-control-del-clima/5344437. ---

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Unfortunately, this is "no longer found". They gotcha!

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Biden is willing to declare war on his country and the entire world with climate geoengineering. Despite the European Commission's recent warning that large-scale interventions, such as solar engineering to reverse 'climate change', could have "unintended consequences."

https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/eu-warns-against-potential-unintended-consequences-geoengineering (06/30/2023)

Current climate-engineered atmospheric aerosol spraying is not mentioned even though it is mathematically the largest source of fine particle air pollution. The Amazon rainforest is being cut down at the fastest rate ever recorded, how long will it be until there is nothing left? What role does climate engineering play in the disappearance of all remaining habitats? Video:


There is only one way forward in the fight to stop global geoengineering: achieve a critical mass of awareness on the issue among the general population. You cannot fight a battle without an army; The only way to advance the fight to stop global geoengineering is to create and recruit an army of woke people because the United States government and global power is in the hands of large corporations that completely control the flow of information. Video


"Southern California braces for potentially catastrophic storm" (from Yahoo News). A manipulated atmospheric flow of moisture is predicted for the southwestern United States. Global conflicts, chaos and carnage continue to escalate as planetary ecological collapse develops. And despite all this, the darkening of our skies worsens day by day. Video:

https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-watch-global-alert-news-february-3-2024-443/ (02/2024).---

All these actions against espionage, war conflicts and climate change are managed by artificial intelligence and 5G. Dr. Martin Pall, wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields scientist, has conducted groundbreaking research to explain exactly how electromagnetic fields cause premature aging and damage to the human body, including damage to fertility, the brain, the heart and even DNA . He pioneered research showing how electromagnetic fields activate the body's VGCCs (voltage-gated calcium channels), causing them to release excess calcium ions into the cell. This then leads to nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide which react almost instantly to form peroxynitrite and free radicals. Many studies like this one show that peroxynitrite damages DNA. Dr. Pall has stated unequivocally that “the rollout of 5G is absolutely crazy.” Mark Steele has been very outspoken against 5G and has now been widely interviewed, including by Project Camelot and also by Sacha Stone in his documentary 5G Apocalypse: The Extinction Event. Steele says that although widespread reports claim that 5G operates in the 24-100 GHz range, it is actually sub-gigahertz (i.e. below the GHz threshold, so it is still measured in MHz). He says 5G is a weapons system like long-range radar, phased array radar and directed energy


https://www.globalresearch.ca/5g-danger-13-reasons-5g-wireless-technology-will-be-a-catastrophe-for-humanity/5680503 (2024)

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People need great awareness about the truth. Dane Wigington urged people to remain aware, spread the word and be prepared as climate terrorism movements are already underway to cause massive damage to the Earth in every way possible.

He told Brighteon and Natural News founder Mike Adams during the recent "Health Ranger Report" episode that the world should start to understand that many factors are far from breaking point right now in climate engineering.

“It is mainly responsible for damage to the ozone layer, which if compressed to a single molecular level, is about six millimeters thick. “It is unimaginably a thin layer that allows us to live on this planet and now climate engineering is removing it,” he warned, adding that the latest update from the former National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) contract engineer who now works directly for their website GeoengineeringWatch.org, is that, on average, we have about 23 percent of the ozone layer. "This means it is thicker in some places and obviously thinner or non-existent in the polar regions."

Adams raised the issue of the imminent destruction of the magnetosphere, which protects the planet from solar radiation and cosmic particles, as well as the erosion of the atmosphere by the solar wind. “Not only the ozone is deteriorating, but also the magnetosphere. This means that there will only be double-strand chromosome breaks and damage to crops, such as genetic mutations of crops, as well as humans and animals. It is as if they have opened the gates of hell against the surface of the earth,” said the Health Ranger.

https://www.brighteon.com/3729c9b3-7c89-4a8e-92c7-75efaee5935c (2024).---

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Well, the do say they are trying to "someone the demons".

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Darned Babel bot...I typed "summon the demons", as Musk reported.

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kinda an oxymoron ....the US Pollution Control agencies and states EPA can spend billions fining compani9es and people for pollution air water or what ever.....but the Governments can do what ever they want.....and you PAY the scum at EPA yet they can 'walk on water' ..Hummmmmmm......seems something ain't right about dis...Hummmmm......

Duhhhhh..I say start hanging the government......maybe a >>>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGLGzRXY5Bw << yeah maybe a public Hanging on the whitehouse lawn of the entire US gov starting with Biden and his hag Harris.....senate HoR and all the blood sucking leaches employed by the US Gov...do the LIAR Gang with NASA and DARPA ...guillotine are ok too.......hammers.....baseball bats...good old Rock in a sock works too....axe shovels.....hammers are great....Icepicks...guns knives.cars trucks..fists.....feet.steel toes boots. flame throwers........gas in beer bottles.....broken bottles.....clubs 2X4...

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Maybe that's what had been killing off entire populations of cattle & fish in various areas?

We know God has a design, and it works on a multifaceted level. Every action brings an equal or greater reaction. God's perfect design needs no tinkering.

These self-proclaimed gods really have no respect for God, and think they can do better.

Experience has shown us they have been ignorant and devoid of wisdom.

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