People with advanced stages of Alzheimer's, perception depends on the kind of stimulus in the environment. Anything that involves an emotional component, pain, anger, joy, will always be able to perceive it, even if it is not able to demonstrate or express it. They are part of the most basic and essential feelings of the human being and are preserved, just as a child in his childhood is able to perceive it. The Alzheimer patient his behaviors and reactions are like those of a baby.

The studies show positive evidence on the use of music in people with Alzheimer's for the stimulation of cognitive function, the relief of depression and the improvement of quality of life. The stimulating effect of music is particularly enhanced if the songs are meaningful to her and have an emotional connection to her memories and experiences. The music he listened to or danced when he was young or certain songs linked to happy life moments.

Music can also serve to enhance the affected person's relationships with their environment, facilitate the caregiver's task and offer an element of connection with their family members. Spending our day-to-day time listening to music together, singing or dancing can help us create shared spaces and bonds of union between the affected person and their caregiver, as well as with other family members.

The objective of the project “LifeSoundtrack, the music of my life”, promoted by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, was studying the benefits that listening to music brings to people with cognitive impairment. A group of eleven students designed an intervention using music to improve the emotional and behavioral state of people with Alzheimer's, also generating a positive impact on the perception of their quality of life and that of their families.


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So very interesting! I can remember the old country western singer whose name I have forgotten who was a stutterer but when he's saying, not one bit of the Stutter came through! When my dad has his stroke and lost his capacity to speak quickly I asked him to hum a little bit just before he began to speak and it made a huge difference! So music does in some way help the neurological Pathways Work.

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