There seems to be some confusion between nicotinamide and niacinamide in the text. the diagram appears to be correct.

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Any thoughts on NAD+ helping to fuel cancer?

As a stage 4 colon cancer survivor (over 9 years now) this is forefront on my mind when looking at any supplement.


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So if you purchase the special spoons and Niacinamide, then how much should you take? How so you know you are taking the correct amount?

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The brand of niacinamide referenced is not available, but I was able to get a version from Throne that is 500 mg per capsule. Taking a 1/10th dose of this thrice daily will be somewhat of a challenge, and I thought I could dilute one capsule in water and take 1/10th of that instead. Not sure if this would remain stable for the 3+ days I'd use it up, but thought I'd at least keep it refrigerated. Maybe a smaller dose (25 or 50 mg) could be added to the Mercola supplement offerings at some point?

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I have enough vitamin B three for everybody on planet Earth and an 8 ounce package I purchased and it suggests 16 teaspoon of 500 mg which is 3125% of the daily requirement.

In the text of the transcript there is seems to be a color link to special measuring spoons so now, I’ve got to go through my saved PDF documents before sub stack was published so I could find the document with the link and I hope it works.

Dear Dr. Mercola please read this!

I would appreciate it if you put a PDF transcript on your sub stack library as well so I don’t have to go digging through archives of your 48 hour content every time I want to find something that relates to a topic I’m just listening to or watching.

I purchased substack not only for the video and the audio but I thought I was also going to get the PDF transcripts

Thank you,

E. Richard Scholz

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