I am with you. Thanks for your total dedicação às pwssoas. Deus te abençoe.

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Aug 20, 2022·edited Aug 20, 2022

I watched this last night to see how even-handed the documentary was. Not surprisingly, it was not. The best that they could do to discredit him was to 1) include a number of fringe-y personalities giving their opinions about vaccines and the Great Reset and 2) say that he must be suspect because he's also selling supplements. My response to #2: 1) Find me a functional health care practitioner who isn't also selling supplements these days, and 2) Mercola isn't manipulating anyone into buying his products. I have been reading his newsletters for decades and buy almost no products from him. This documentary essentially contends that readers are incapable of thinking for themselves and are complying with Mercola's "dictates" like cult victims. Hopefully thinking adults who watch it will see through this message. It's clear that the intensity of the hit pieces has ratcheted up since Mercola started attacking Covid vaccines and talking about the Great Reset (which, personally, I wish he'd stop doing and revert back to covering health topics). No one really cared what he had to say for the 20+ years before then.

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Your the man Dr. Joseph. You have been my go to fratello for decades. You have been right with accuracy about nutrition as well as your expert knowledge on medical issues. Your really my Doc who I listen to. Your Gumba, Leonardo. Morro Bay, Ca. 93442.

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Sep 30, 2022·edited Sep 30, 2022

As a Doctor, who chooses to remain slightly anonymous, I have found Dr. Mercola's scientific non pharmacological poison approach to medicine refreshing and enlightening.

I think it's outrageous how the mainstream media is allowed to malign a decades long carefully built reputation for quality precision medicine.

I often refer back to your carefully referenced articles when teaching my patients.

Allopathic medicine has failed at many treatment strategies, people need to recognize that new ways are required to conquer often self inflicted diseases, innovative approaches are required and having pioneers like Dr Mercola Is a life saver for many maltreated patients.

Stay strong sir, you continue to be vindicated by the evidence based medical research.

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