The perfect storm.

I agree heavily with the need for community food networks.

But remember you can do some at home too.

Stock, sow, grow, catch and relax.

Stock up on dried or canned long life foods.

Sow your gardens and get them ready. No matter how small or large.

Grow your vegetables and your networks and share with your neighbors.

Catch fish and hunt like the good old days.

Relax. Calories in must be equal to calories out. Use less energy, burn less calories.

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summed up as danger of death, recognisably inevitable, mainly threatening occasionally personal

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The solution lies in the hands of a digitally competent saving remnant in our society. Ignore the majority. See BigEye.org and Let the Internet Fix America.

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It's easy to generally refer to what needs to be done but like the pistons under the hood of your truck, without oil, none of the parts are going to move smoothly or at all. What is the oil- the collaborative and unrelenting will & devotion of those who see what needs to be done, are willing to take & play that part, and all the while not get lost in the microcosm of their own little world of need.

That's why I enjoy articles like this, where yes, we see the individual parts & details, but they clearly together as a whole throughout, providing us the macrcosm of thought & perspective that most people overlook. You know....the forest per se.

Years ago i was in Utah for a neuro-critical care job, and the Mormon community (of which I am not a member) seems like a good model to learn from with respect to a framework for building & maintaining a local food system. They have local growers, deliver-ers, processing and etc....the one thing that would be tough to garner, is a dedication ( this would be the oil for pistons or the engine in my analogy ) to food care & production & processing like they have.... of course for them it's an honor & loyalty to their church & God that drives their willingness to be a useful part- and with all of those.....the whole thing becomes a production- a workable system.

I had a neighbor couple who had recently moved one of whom immediately started working in the canning facility for the Mormon church. The husband had been into construction, so they gave him a different job. They were both content to give as their participation guaranteed them some of the resultant storable canned food, of which they told me each Mormon was required to have a years worth of for each member of their family.

One of the biggest problems imitating that model would be finding something that could bring people together on a level that superseded their desire to self preservation, stomping out fear, distrust and selfishness (like to stockpile just for self), long enough to realize that self preservation is only possible when we submit to preservation of those around us as well, of whom we must be a part. Our nation is so divided-the large cracks in the wall of general American security have not only been largely damaged in sporadic spots, but have resultant cracks starting to creep out. These need willing people (some may say patriots) to step up to to the plate and sacrifice a little self, for a moment in time long enough to muster a whole group response to prevent the seemingly likely fall of that wall.

Thank you for this article Dr. Mercola, and for always being one of those patriots of health, a man of integrity- there is nothing more respectable than telling people the real $hit that us going on, and this nation is in a REAL clear and present danger.

One thing that is missing from the charts though, is the impending crisis in health care- not from patients who are sick now, but from the health care workers around this country who are becoming ill and will as a whole group across this nation be impaired enough to not care for those in need of hospital care.

That will be national problem and should be a vector in this chart. I am going to look again, wow love those charts! Be well everyone!

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Let's see: We can stop sending weapons to Ukraine. Allow the people in each region of Ukraine to vote on their own fate. That solves that problem. Then we can suspend all government measures for Covid (including vaccinations) and allow doctors to treat patients with safe and effective medicines. End all wars to avert environmental crisis and remove all government-imposed barriers that prevent people from just growing their own food locally and keeping roofs over their heads. All these problems are caused by the people who are pretending to solve our problems.

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