Dear friends: I live in Vancouver, BC with a high percentage of cloudy days all year round: explain please how to get sun exposure in rain and cloud and cold temperatures.. except perhaps for 14 days mid summer? Your turn:

Blessings: I've been doing 70% time isolated alone for over two years now: but I'm 83, don't have to work a job for a living.. and yup I've made it a priority in my life to get seriously healthy.. Good to talk, good to inform: very good to understand properly what people go through day to day. Pronouncements from a Florida's climate zone just don't work in Vancouver. Over to you. Bestus, A.C. W.

Ps: I know you do not wish to.mislead the folk, but let's get real here because, like it or not, people are not informed nor is anyone who ever drinks coca cola or eats a Macdonalds ever really healthy. Lol

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I have Type 2 diabetes and would like to try the 1 gram/day recommendation for melatonin. I cannot find a source for this size, 10 mg is the largest that I have found. Can you recommend a source where 1 gram size can be ordered? Thank you.

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If your body produces melatonin and you decide to supplement it with more when your body then get used to produce in less

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In this article Dr Reiter states that infrared light does not go through clothing or sunscreen. But

another doctor that Dr Mercola interviewed in the past , Dr Seheult, says that infrared light does

get through clothing and sunscreen. Perhaps the science is not settled on this? I don't know

if either doctor refers to any studies about this. Dr Seheult even mentions that the best time to get infrared light is from dawn to 10 am and after 2 pm.

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What is the best brand of melatonin - for sublingual?

Also, is there a tutorial on how to make melatonin suppositories....and how to administer them to someone who may have just had a heart attack or stroke and may not be very much conscious or in control of their body..... ? Mercola recommended melatonin suppository for this situation, or sublingual, but suggested suppository might be more effective....

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Hi Doctor! Can you say more about this photobeam lightbulb that you use? Do you place it in front of you or back of you when you are sitting shirtless at the computer. And how far away do you place it?

quote: "I use a 250-watt Photo Beam near-infrared bulb from SaunaSpace in my office."

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